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Mama Needs a Time-Out: Daily Getaways for the Mom's Soul

Mama Needs a Time-Out has just been contracted Books and Such and will be available late spring. With endorsements from Mary Byers, Dee Brestin, and Leslie Means, its sure to be a hit with moms.

“Heather offers bite-sized pieces of scripture in thought-provoking chapter designed to encourage modern-day moms. If you want to learn and grow both personally and spiritually at the same time, read this book!”
Mary Byers, author of The Mother Load: How to Meet Your Needs While Caring for Your Family.

"After hearing 'MOMMY' all day once, I asked my toddler to call me 'Jen' for the rest of the day. Mommy, Mama, Mom...we hear our name called constantly. Motherhood is so incredible and so hard. I Call Him By Name not only acknowledges the challenges of parenting, but it describes the powerful names of God and reminds us that He is the strength and patience and wisdom and energy we all need to be the incredible mothers He created us to be." ~Jen Hatmaker, author of 9 books including A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study and Out of the Spin Cycle: Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load.

"As a mother of two and woman of faith, I found a strong connection with, “I Call Him By Name.” The authors naked truth about the struggles and triumphs of motherhood are easily relatable. It’s a perfect book for any mom who wants to use scripture to help bring encouragement to life’s everyday challenges". Leslie Means, author of Ella B. Bella and the Magic Pink Shoes and former Co-Host for Good Morning Nebraska.

Young moms are short on time, yet desperate for encouragement. With humor and empathy, Heather Riggleman’s short “love notes” will point them to the God who knows their name, loves them immeasurably, and longs to guide them in this crucial calling of mothering.
Dee Brestin, author of The Friendships of Women and Falling in Love with Jesus.
   Mama Needs a Time-Out is an inspirational book  that's sure to relate to your everyday challenges, struggles, and joys while being in the trenches of motherhood. Heather offers personal experiences combined with a solid foundation of scripture that applies to everyday mothering. Heather is transparent in her walk as a Christ centered mom who doesn't really have it all together, while she parents her three children.Each chapter is dedicated to a specific name of God and how He is involved in the daily life of a mom. It's a book you'll want to read over and over. Stay tuned for details on how to purchase your copy in the spring!
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