About Heather

     Have you ever had one of those days when the laundry pile has grown to Mount Everest, your child is arguing with you over her socks, and you are still wondering about this whole God thing? Your day goes on to include a bird's eye view of your neighbor friend who seems to have it all together: happy, obedient kids, a loving husband and that perfect figure.
     I'm right there with you. 
     I'm here to share my mess, to be open about my journey as a woman, living a life redeemed, to share my real mom life, and talk about the latest challenges and triumphs in motherhood. What's in it for you? Tips, advice, and transparency from one mom to another. Saved by Love is dedicated to inspiring moms to develop tools and habits manage their homes with sanity intact and be encouraged at the same time.
   It's about Living Life Redeemed after being Saved By Love. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday for the latest blog post!

     You can get to know me on Facebook at Heather Riggleman.
Follow my tweets and random mommy stuff on Twitter @HeatherRig or
visit me on Facebook via Saved by Love. Don't forget to visit my Speaking Ministry page if you are looking for someone for your MOPS group, women's group or conference! Anything else, you can contact me via Riggleman5@gmail.com.

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