Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off the Mountaintop I Go

As we travel down the interstate, Elijah is playing quietly with his cars, Tori is testing her voice with several squeals, and Cheyenne is begging me for the computer to complete another transaction on her farm town that she added to my page. I can't believe the week is already over and in a way I'm relieved. I think its a rule somewhere that when one travels with children, one should expect them to get sick.
As for the conference, I've never been surrounded by that many people with a passion and a talent to "Write His Answer", I couldn't help but compare myself to others and think about much further their career is or how their subject matter is more realitive than mine. Sure enough self doubt sets in. It's so hard to remember that most of these well known authors and speakers have started their careers at least a decade ago and I'm taking baby steps...right along with my babies for that matter. So as a mom who is aspiring to "Write God's Answer" for mothers, sisters, and chica mama's alike, here I am setting out on a firm foundation, taking one step at a time. The mountain top was beautiful, the subject matter incredible, the relationships were refreshing, but its time to head home...

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  1. Heather, Heather...what a deal...loved reading your words and hearing your story...I have been having flashbacks.I do not think there was a trip, we took, that did not include a sick child, when we had young children. Now (as a g'ma)I can smile thinking about it. You are right..your kiddos come first. :)


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