Thursday, November 18, 2010

And This Too Shall Pass

                                      This is the typical look Tori has on her face 90 % of the time...glaring at me.

   Okay, where did my sweet baby girl go...better yet, where did this screaming, whiny, temperamental child come from? Tori will be two this weekend. The "terrible twos" have been erupting since she was about 11 months old, so I had fair warning. Fair warning or not, it takes a certain amount of strength, restraint, and perseverance to resist the urge to lock Tori in her room until she's 30. Every direction, question, or task becomes a round in the battle of the wills match. Nine times out of ten I win, sometimes I wonder though if it was worth it.

      Everything we say or do around our kids or to our kids shapes them. Is anybody else scared yet? Now that you've calmed down and stopped freaking out; I want to remind you that you have been shaping your kids since the day you conceived them. So let's embrace the fact that someday our children may need therapy and that we are doing the very best we can. Everything from books, speakers, special topics, advice from friends, and the Bible is what we use to shape our children. Though it may drive you bonkers like myself from the age of one year to five years of age, it will be worth all the battles big and small. These battles and testing of the wills teaches our children that a). the world does not revolve around them, b). rules and boundaries are given because she/he is loved very much, c.) her/his will is best used when interwoven with our Father God. In short, it teaches our precious and monstrous babes that there is a bigger world and purpose they will get to conquer given the right tools. So for the moment, I will do my best to ignore the glaring defiant look she throws my way and keep reminding myself that this too shall pass...

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