Monday, November 15, 2010

Anonymous Part II

 Many of my friends are not Christ followers, while they say they are Christians and believe there is a God, they do not follow the life He intends for us to live. They merely believe in coincidence, luck, and happy thoughts. So for those of you who aren't Christ centered church folks, this post is for you.

     One of God's names is The Lord Who Provides. The Bible has hundreds of stories where God stepped in and provided the need. Everything from sparing a child's life to providing food, rain, shelter and more. Though it may seem selfish or petty, my need is my dream. My dream of having my book published. This dream isn't just my dream, God laid it on my heart. It's a testament of His faith, provision, redemption, and deep love He has for me. It's a window into the love He is longing to give to you.

    I turned down a contract with a publishing company because it was not what God wanted. In hindsight, it kept me from a shady deal where I would have paid thousands of dollars for a poorly edited and promoted book deal. Though I yielded to what I was sensing from God, I was downhearted. The idea of paying my editor on my own was difficult. As a SAHM, the income I receive for providing childcare is meager; but again it's also where God has called me to be in this season of motherhood. I laughed at my friend Audra who commented, "Be faithful, don't you think if God called you to write it and wants it published, He will also provide a way? In His checkbook, it's pocket change!"
     She was right. God didn't use supernatural means like giving me a winning lottery ticket, or a fair god-mother. In this day and age, He is more covert. He uses His body of people to work out His will. He is always right on time, and uses exact change. He provided through the hands of Anonymous $1,200.00. It's the amount I needed to have my book edited.
     Here's a tip, when you receive an unexpected extravagant gift, be sure you have a chauffeur to drive you home. Your vision tends to be blocked with masses amounts of tears and mascara; not to mention you really aren't in the right state of mind to be driving. My kids and daycare kids wanted to know why I had black streaks on my face and why 'that man' at church made me cry, all I could say "Because Jesus really loves me." So here's hoping Anonymous reads this. I'd really like to track you down, tackle you, and give you a HUGE bear hug. May God bless you for your gift and thank you.

I Call Him by Name: Love Notes for Moms, will be available April of 2011.


  1. Amen, Heather. Way to go on waiting on the Lord! I love stories like that, and congrats on the publishing deal that HE intended for you.

  2. I wish you the best with your book release!


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