Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chinese Goo and Romance


     I couldn't believe my husband ate it, I didn't even want to eat it, I was far to upset with how my gourmet meal turned out. He not only ate my disaster of a supper, he asked for seconds and used up all the brown sauce. I had planned all day yesterday to create a gourmet chinese meal with pieces of pork, fluffy rice, brown sauce, and egg noodles. Let's just say being a domestic goddess in the kitchen will never be within reach, after all I should have known better. I can't even make toast without burning it. The fact my husband ate my concoction of a dinner meant the world to me. He reminded me in a way of Jesus. He gave me grace and praised me for my efforts. After eating the Chinese goo, he proceeded to give me a break and cleaned up the kitchen. Let me tell you, it looked like a war zone in there.
     I'm so thankful my children are being exposed to what a marriage should look like, disaster dinners and all. My son has a chance to see how men should lovingly care for their wives and families. My daughters get to see what it's like to have a husband cherish and adore their mom. This may not seem like much, but each moment is tucked away into their hearts and being added to the list of what they will be looking for in a future mate.
     With marriage becoming an increasingly unpopular choice, it saddens my heart. Many young couples are missing out on what God intended marriage to be. Don't get me wrong, marriage has just as many valleys as it does mountains. What makes those valleys so worth it, is knowing both partners are committed to each other no matter what. That commitment creates a love that cannot be expressed in words. It's the same love that Paul about in Ephesians 5:23-31. I encourage you to check it out!

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