Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Mama's Guide to Surviving Modern Day Babylon

     Be skinny, look sensuous at all times, youth is the craze. Rush out and buy the latest products for youthful skin. Packing on the pounds? Take some diet pills. In order to gain power and respect, you need to have a P.H.D., get one in months online. Your child is disabled, abort it.
     These are the messages we are constantly bombarded with as women. In less than twenty four hours, we will have been assaulted with thousands of messages like these. What's even more alarming is that women of God have fallen prey to it, and they are taking their children down with them. How do we stand firm and battle these assaults for our minds? The answer may surprise you; because the enemy isn't the brightest crayon in the box, he is using the same tactics that Daniel of the Bible fought in the days of old. Daniel was exiled from His city, forced to serve the Kings and saw what the very best of life that Babylon offered. He didn't fall prey to the lifestyle or the theme of "I am me and there is no one besides me," motto of Babylon. Instead, Daniel kept his faith firm and watched God's sovereignty work through the decades.
    As mothers, we are raising the next generation and we are fighting the very core message that has been assaulting us since we breathed our first breathe. It's time for us to take a stand and decide what we will believe and pass it on to our kids. As a woman and mother, what assaults you the most? Is it beauty? Youthfulness? Knowledge? Leave your comments please!


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  2. Great post! I pass on knowledge and creativity. I believe that when you are knowledgable you have the power to overcome many situations. I pass along creativity because having the ability to express yourself in various ways and formats will allow you to be both flexible and accessible.

    Following you from MBC. I also liked your FB page (under Hope Jackson) Would love a follow and a like back on my blog: http://blog.writerslairbooks.com and my FB page: www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose.

  3. Hi, new follower from MBC. have a great day! :)



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