Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Trust or To Be Swallowed by a Fish

      I think I'm having a Jonah moment, more like a Jonah interruption as titled by Priscilla Shirer. It's been a month since I had my miscarriage. While I've been struggling with the emotions, the loss, and the hormones, I felt like I've been stripped bare before God. I'm left with nothing to ask, nothing to say, but instead looking expectantly at Him. 
    In the book Life Interrupted, Priscilla reveals to us what God is doing in Jonah's life. He was asked to go to a city whom may have slaughtered and tortured his relatives and tell them to turn back to God. Instead, Jonah runs from God, boards a ship which nearly breaks apart by storm and then gets thrown overboard for a time-out in the belly of a fish for three days. Jonah sees the folly of his ways and reluctantly obey's what God asked of him. 
    What does this fish story have to do with a modern gal and a miscarriage? Jonah had a pretty posh life being a prophet for his people, in his city. Then God asked him to go to a barbaric city, and in no uncertain terms, but trust God in what He was asking Jonah to do...
     My life was interrupted by an unexpected pregnancy and loss. Everything was peachy because I was finally pregnant...and then my life changed in one fell swoop as I learned the baby died within my womb. I could have blamed God and turned my back. Instead, I gathered the pieces and took them to Him, asking God to make sense of it all. Just as Jonah was interrupted to do something great for God; He allowed this interruption so I could have the choice to let God work on a few areas of my heart. 
     My life interruption is about trust.
     Will I trust God with this miscarriage? Will I trust what He is doing? Will I trust Him with having another child, or will I let fear rule my heart? 
      God wants you to look to Him when your life has been interrupted.
      Look to Him when you didn't get that promotion.
      Look for Him during this time of financial issues.
      Turn to Him in the midst of your marriage issues.
     Find Him when your child has been diagnosed with diabetes, aspergers, or something you never expected.
      Ask Him to walk with you as you learn to trust Him in this storm. 

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