Thursday, November 3, 2011

Was It Worth It? Letting Go of the Angry Mama Syndrome


     There are some moments when I can see myself flying through the air of my IPod in a game of Angry Birds, it would be more fun; at least I would be scoring points right? 
     Are you an angry mama? I am--wait, scratch that, I was an angry mama.         
     Thankfully God's grace and His word is giving me a new sense of perspective. And I have to admit, MomSense has given me some new tools for my anger management tool box. 
     This morning, as I jogged downstairs to scoop up the kids for my Sonrise Bible Study, the smell of my three year old's business stopped me in my tracks. Grumbling, I already knew that I had left her downstairs too long, leaving her to her own demise...and mine for that matter! Because I wasn't reminding her constantly that she was wearing panties, she had done her business in her undies, and the mess was a doozy. I was furious.
     Angry, yes. Sonrise would not have the pleasure of our presence today.
     Before I said anything to my daughter, I took a step back and reminded myself of what God was teaching me through His Word. He reminded me I was created to build my family up, not tear them down with my words. He reminded me, anger was a healthy emotion, but I needed to express it in a healthy manner, which did not include screeching at Tori (but a game of angry birds is not a bad idea!).  He also reminded me of the grace He has granted me over the years. 
     Taking a few deep breaths, I asked myself, "Is it worth getting angry over. What is it about this mess that I am so mad about? How can I build Tori up in this situation?" As I got my daughter cleaned up, I realized I was angry because I was being selfish. I was angry because I would miss Bible study, and frustrated from the trials of potty training. Did I mention irritated because of all the work that seemed to be for nothing of getting the kids out the door?
     Chances are, you have moments like this too. Motherhood isn't always a breeze and more often than not, we get frustrated. It's hard to hold the world on our shoulders, yet when we surrender our daily lives and emotions to God, we find His presence there. It's in His presence, that He uses these situations to teach me patience, perspective, and grace. 


  1. looks great!! always love your encouraging words :)

  2. Why Thank you Miss Ash! Enjoy your day!

  3. Thank you...I needed this reminder TODAY!!

  4. Daphne you are so welcome!


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