Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby, I'm Back Online!

Okay, my computer is back up and running. It's absolutely glorious to be pecking on brand news keys and not have to be sitting in a precarious position while I type in order to keep it from shutting off! Lora's husband replaced the keyboard, cleaned it out, and tightened a few things. So I'm back online, which is a good thing because Ive been typing from my phone and Im sure if I were to go see my doctor, I would be diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel in my thumbs.

For the next week I will be blogging daily about my experiences during the Colorado Christian Writers Conference (CCWC) as a dedication to my Chica Mama's from Sonrise Bible Study. It's to show how the hand of God works every day miracles through His people. I am anxious to see what divine appointments lay ahead of me and how God will use the small moments with my family aboard. My husband and three children will also be traveling with me to the conference and hanging out there the next week. This could get interesting considering that Cheyenne is 9 and doesn't have the slightest interest in being playmates with her two year old brother Elijah. Elijah is in that lovely stage of laying himself on the floor and throwing tantrums at the slightest bit of authority and then there is Tori; my youngest at 6 months who doesn't take a bottle, sippy, or pacifier and only tolerates her Daddy! I'm sure most of you are cringing as you read this; instead do me a favor and pray! Pray blessings over my family, pray for peace, contentment, and obedience. Pray that we wont consider leaving our kids in the woods! Just kidding, but seriously...PRAY!

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