Wednesday, May 13, 2009

En Route to Colorado

Is it just me, or does time come to a stand still as you go west out into the panhandle of Nebraska. It took over an hour to eat breakfast at a small little diner with one waitress and 3 tables. The funny part is that it only took us 10 minutes to eat and another 20 to get our ticket and pay for it. Elijah of course had to leave the restaurant before and after we ordered and ate!
So far, the trip as been rough start due to taking the van to KTA, only to have them tell us that the noise we were concerned with is a $187.00 nuisance noise. After we got to the hotel in Sidney last night, Tori came down with a fever of 102.3 and is not her happy self. This morning was a bit of a stretch for Chris as he attempted to let Elijah get some fresh air. Chris hasn't quite learned the trick of anticipating that his son wont listen when given an instruction. He hauled Elijah up to the van after Elijah 'accidentally' fell in the water at the lake in front of the Cabela's store. I watched in horror from the van as I was nursing Tori to sleep...
So Im hoping and praying that once we make the state line all will be well in the van if you know what I mean. I will write more to my Chica Mama's later.

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