Monday, December 13, 2010

Traditions in Christ

  Traditions aren't just about creating memories. I intentionally make traditions that are centered around the Bible. As strange as this sounds, it's what I want my children to remember after they grow up. Presents will be opened, gifts will be given, and the toys they receive they will grow out of. For all purposes, I want them to remember the meaning of Christmas. It's not about getting new toys, it's about the birth of our savior. I loved the posts I received about traditions other fellow moms left on my page.
     As the streets of Kearney become in more crowded with people looking for the perfect gift for loved ones, I am reminded that this world we live in is not what I want my kids to become accustomed to. I want them to remember the meanings behind the Christmas tree, the manger, and why we give gifts. As Jesus was born, He knew that someday He would give His life away for us. The Wise Men who visited Christ also brought symbolism in the gifts they brought to our Savior. So during this season as my children are learning to comprehend the joy of Christmas, I am setting about in preparation in my home for making Jesus' birthday cake, reading the story of the manger, and taking them to church as we learn the message of Hope. We were born to be a part of something Holy, something bigger than ourselves, and bigger than this life.
     With that being said, there are two days left before I announce the winner of my previous post of What God Wants for Christmas. Leave a comment and follow my blog to join in to win a chance for freebie book and manger set! Review previous post for details.

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