Thursday, December 9, 2010

What God wants for Christmas--Win the book & Set

   It's warm and cozy. Your house is all clean, so are the babes, and ya'll are sipping on hot chocolate, complete with mini marsh mellows. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying the lights bounce through out the room from your seven foot tall Christmas tree tucked into the corner by the window...and then your son pipes up with his list of 'I wants'. As you try to smile and agree, the rest of his sibling pack come in for the kill with all their demands.

     " I want an I-Pod, I want a new t.v. so I don't have to share with my sisters. I want a new bike, and a Nerf gun. I want a new barbie," comes the demands chiming together.    The final icing on the cake is when you tell your wonderful brood the reason for the season and your son then replies,

"Fine, if you don't get it for me, I'll just tell Santa what I want." Instead of envisioning looks of joy on your children's faces, you are now imagining waking up Christmas day with everyone grounded to their rooms...

   While my experiences with the "I wants" haven't been this extreme, I have taken steps to keep this from becoming the tune I hear. I limit T.V. to avoid commercials geared towards my kids. Next we make a birthday cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday, complete with chocolate frosting. According to my son, Jesus' favorite flavor is chocolate. My favorite tradition to keep the Christ in Christmas for my kids is reading the book complete with kid friendly figurines, "What God Wants for Christmas is a Bible based poem about the birth of Christ. We read one page each night and the kids get to set up the manger and open a gift box. Each page builds up to the last page and the last box. Inside that box isn't a character from the manger. The seventh box is the gift that God wants most and the kids are so tickled at what they see inside. I love it, it reminds them how special each of them are.
    Because my kids and I love What God wants for Christmas so much, I am gifting this book and nativity set to the 30th person to sign up and follow my blog. The winner will be announced December 15th, right here. So subscribe, sign up, leave a comment, and stay tuned. In the meantime, tell me what are some of the things you do to remind your kids about the meaning of Christmas?


  1. Great post! I have a two year old that is just figuring out the "I wants." This year, we had him pick out gifts for Operation Christmas Child and also picked out someone to buy a gift for from the Salvation Army trees. Thanks for this post!! God bless!!

  2. What a great tradition! I've been thinking about this a lot lately. My son is getting old enough that I need to begin creating some of our own.

  3. For us we go to our 4pm service at church on Christmas Eve which is a Children's pageant where the children can take part in telling and acting out the story of Jesus' birth. After Dinner and before bed we read the Christmas Story to them. In the weeks leading up to Christmas we talk about the real meaning of Christmas and why we give gifts to others. That giving gifts reminds us of the wonderful gift of Jesus that God gave to us because He loved us so much. This year I am trying something different in that I have found a book that has a few lessons in it that talk about the Real Reason for the Season. They have a bible verse, discussion, craft and activity to do with the kids.
    Thanks for this post! God Bless you!


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