Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Translation Please

 I used to despise the Bible and anyone who carried one. I avoided churches, and those people who seemed to radiant all kinds of goodness in the grocery stores. I couldn't imagine why anybody would let some book and some guy who died 2000 years ago dictate every part of his or her life. I was too busy chasing empty relationships, wanting to be everyone friend, climbing the career ladder, and investing in materialistic things.
    Fast forward a few years later, and I now have three different translations and a mini purse Bible that isn't just a purse accessory... Looking back to the B.C. (Before Christ) days, there is definitely something about the Holy Spirit moving in mysterious ways. Part of why I didn't like the Bible was because I didn't understand it. The words I read didn't resonate with my spirit. Why would I want to spend time reading something that I struggled to understand?
 I remember waking up the morning after giving my heart to God. I grabbed the Bible that was given to me and began reading. The words spoke volumes to my heart and I couldn't read enough of it. So how do you explain this to your non Christian friends? Call me girlie and whimsical...I parallel my transformation to that of a butterfly. Before its a butterfly, its a catapillar. Catapillars can only see exactly whats in front of them and generally have a one track mind, food! It's hungry and continues to eat holes through leaf after leaf looking for the next big one that happens to branch into its path. Then Christ comes along knocking and the struggle begins. Which one will it surrender too? The freedom and bird's eye view after struggling out of its caccoon or death? When you surrender to God, a whole new world opens up. Instead of inching along the ground on your belly trying to meet your needs; God's spirit carries you.
I like the set of wings He's given me. Though I have struggles of day to day life, His whispers of love carry me.


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  5. That picture of the butterfly is absolutely beautiful. I have a bible that my late grandmother gave to me on my confirmation 30 odd years ago. It's very precious.

    CJ xx

  6. Found you through MBC... stopped by to follow. What a beautiful post... He does give beautiful wings, doesn't he? :)

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