Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun Follow Friday

This is my first FUN FOLLOW FRIDAY. List your blog here for other WAHM & SAHM to follow your blogs. And don't forget to grab my button!

1. Post a comment including, your BLOG NAME, your NAME, & what you BLOG ABOUT. 



  1. Hi! Great blog you have! I've added your button to my blog and appreciate new followers and comments. If someone leaves a comment for me I will return the favor by visiting their blog and leaving a comment.

  2. I hope I didn't miss the blog hop. Love your blog. I am now following you and will do the same for anyone who visits, follows, or leaves a comment on my blog. I give education tips, review and right children's books, and I have a free monthly newsletter, MOVEMENT AND RHYTHM.

    Please come check it out.

  3. Tawna
    blog weight loss journey to positive thinking random thoughts

    I hope 1 of the 3 suits you!
    Adding you button to my blog hop page on my blogs!

  4. Hey Heather,

    Glad to see your site is up and running.

    I blog about club dancing, fitness, injury, intrigue, happiness, poetry, and food:

    Joie de vivre! ~Kelly

  5. I have really enjoyed your blog since becoming a follower.

    The blog I have is one relating to everything mommy. Fashion, recalls, health, kid's fashion.

    Thanks for giving us such an awesome BLOG!!

  6. I really like your posts. I am new to blogging but have fallen head over heels for it already. Would love any feedback, tips from other bloggers out there!

  7. Loving your blog!

    I write about the daily thrum of life, the little to the big, that happen around our house with two girls. All with as much humor and honesty as I can. I write about my journey of losing losing the baby weight (yes, almost a year later), doing home-school preschool, and anything and everything that catches my fancy.

  8. I don't know if I children are grown with children of their own. But when they were growing up, I operated a home daycare for the children of local teachers so that I could be home with them.
    I blog about the ups and downs of parenting and try to offer tips, tools, tactics and a little pat on the back to all the moms (and dads) out there. I share picture book recommendations, crafts and cooking activities from my new book for parents of preschoolers.

  9. Hi I'm a little late finding your blog but I thought I would comment anyway! I am a SAHM and blog at I blog about my family, our creations (often a lot of sewing a quilting) as well as the books that we are loving right now.


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