Friday, March 4, 2011

23 Ultimate Boredom Busters

       With spring just around the corner, the kids are twitchy and antsy. Yes, that's right, I said 'twitchy'. They're twitchy in terms of watching the snow melt, and green shoots of grass poke through. These little ones feel the air getting warmer and can see the sun is shinning a little bit longer each evening. You know these little signs of weather changing induce? Not just allergies, but SPRING FEVER. 
        While it's not quite warm enough to play outside, here are a few boredom buster ideas to share on those days when you're ready to pull your hair out as your kids are literally climbing the walls. Normally I don't post lists of things to do, but with three high energy kids plus daycare kids, I must keep them happily engaged in an activity or expect to clean up horrendous messes and call peace to world war three and four for that matter. 

1. Build a fort! The bigger the better.
2. Go camping in the basement. Include the sleeping bags and tents. We've even included our fire pit but we're known to be a bit red necked.
3. Have a organize the toys day.
4. Bake Cookies
5. Eat the cookies and take a few to a neighbor.
6. Write letters to relatives. Let the kids include photographs they take.
7. Play post office.
8. Make homemade goo and play dough. 
9. Get Scrapin', make a collage of your favorite family memories.
10. Play school, let the kids be the teacher while you get to be the annoying student.
11. Play house, moms can be the baby!
12. Let your kids wash the dishes or other chores that fascinate them.
13. Make a craft, there's plenty of macaroni, beans, and elbow pasta in your pantry.
14. Let them plan and make supper under your supervision of course.
15. Have supper on the floor, picnic style. 
16. Have a movie and P.J's day. 
17. Make your own obstacle course with your furniture and knick knacks.
18. Create a magnetic & chalk wall for the kids to color, draw, make lists and more.
19. Create an indoor scavenger hunt.
20. Peddy and Mini day, just put clear polish on the boys!
21. Stage a Karaoke afternoon.
22. Go sight see your town and your kid's favorite hot spots, grab a treat to munch on. 
23. Start a Family Game Night.

As always, please comment and add your ideas to the list. Mama's need all the tips we can get!

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  1. Heather,
    Found you from MBC. Congrats on the upcoming book. I like your presence of light and I'll be reading often.


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