Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yet Another Lesson to Teach Mama to Rely on God...

Tori will one day be a GREAT cake decorator, the blue stuff is Toothpaste.

     Yet another day has passed when God didn't reveal Himself to me through the art of patience...well through Tori's art. The day started off before 6:00 a.m. with Elijah screaming because Tori had frolicked down the hallway, climbing up in his loft bed to pounce on him. Within an hour, my beloved coffee had not kicked in and my daycare babes tumbled through the door. 
     Cooper, the six month old cried nonstop as I ran Elijah and Cole to swimming lessons, then all the kids to the school cafeteria for lunch. By naptime, Cooper's cries intensified as I laid down the rest of the kids before focusing the wide-eyed screamer. Forty-five minutes of shushing, rocking, walking, and bargaining passed before I tip-toed down the hallway to check on my precious sleeping babes. Before I opened Tori's door, I knew she was up to something. The smell of pooh and toothpaste hit my nostrils full force. 
    Blue toothpaste covered the carpets, bedding, and the dresser. As I looked around in horror, she was very carefully lining the edges of her castle. Every toy that had an edge in her room was covered in toothpaste...an entire tube.
God's humored voice hit my ears, Be strong and take heart, all [Mama's] who hope in the LORD. (Psalm 31:24).      Instead of giving in to my very weak (and very freaked out) nature of yelling, I remained calm. Instead, I bit my tongue and snapped a picture of her as Tori drove her Thomas trains through a line of paste. I scooped her up, and tossed her in the shower. God's words were still meditating in my heart as I cleaned the mess, thankful I made the choice to fight my nature and love my daughter. 
    Afterthought: If you want to know how I got my carpet spotless, my friend Tamara came over to save the day...and my carpet. We laughed over Tori's ability to decorate and used PRESPOT, to get the toothpaste out. You can visit her at www.threadcharmer.blogspot.com


  1. LOL, One of my little anges covered our black cat with blue toothpaste once! This picture could have been taken at my house. Somedays there isn't enough mommy to go around. I'm a mom of 7. I just followed you. #196! I'm sure you'll reach your goal.

  2. I'm amazed at your ability to remain calm under those circumstances! It's always so neat how the right Scripture comes to mind right when you need it.


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