Thursday, July 7, 2011

    I wonder what God thinks of what we've named our son. Granted Chris heard God's voice after he committed his life to Jesus and it scared the living daylights out of him. Chris clearly heard God tell him that we were to name our new baby Elijah. Not that I could argue the point with the maker of the universe, so I settled with bestowing Michael as his middle name for the sake of my brother. Last night, I was watching a Beth Moore study when I learned the meaning of the name Michael. God named His Archangel Michael, meaning 'Who is like God?'
   When I got home that evening, it was a marathon to get my son into bed. More than once I hollered, Elijah Michael, trying to get that boy's attention. Then it hit me, all day long, I'm commanding God to be front in center in that boy's life and mine. Elijah means, The Lord is God, so all day long I'm hollering "The Lord is God, Who is like our God!"


  1. LOL, Heather! I like this, because my son is also named Michael. Now I'll remember what I'm yelling all day long too--and that's a good thing to yell, isn't it?

  2. I like the name as well as the meaning. My 4 kids 1st names are Biblical- middle names are reg.- except 1 son's middle name is Michael. Cute post! -jass

    p.s I follow you on twitter. Check out my blog & follow back as well. Us Christians need to stick together and encourage each other.

  3. Jessica and Lynn,
    Love the comments and yes Ill be following back. Its amazing what the depth of names mean isn't it?


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