Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Mothering Heart Stands Out

    So many moms had dreams of being a CEO, owning a bookstore, or doing something else bigger than themselves. When we became mothers, those dreams of doing something bigger than ourselves took a backseat collecting dust. Our heart's dreams became embers of who God created us to be. 
   Have you ever thought that motherhood was a way of preparing you for your dreams? Think about it, motherhood connects you to other women who may not have the same values, religion, or goals. It opens a different world you may not have otherwise known. Motherhood began changing you from the inside out.  Take your dreams and see where it fits into the life God called you to be. Your dreams may have been too small for what God intended. 
    Becoming a mom, is the greatest gift and stepping stone to your dream. There is a really big world out there, it's at your fingertips, and the key is your relationships you've built around motherhood. Take a moment and reach into that dusty backseat. Pick up your dream and examine it from God's perspective. It all boils down to relationships and raising your child to honoring God. Raise up your children with your dreams in mind. Reach out to others you've surrounded yourself with, ignite their hearts by not being afraid to stand out. This little mama, is how "The Lost Get Found". It's your chance to change the world and my your dream a reality. 

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  1. Being a mom is the greatest gift. I can't think of one that equals it. Following from MBC.


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