Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 Life Saving Methods for Moms this Holiday Season


     Tis the season for whining, crying, complaining and more. It seems more intense because we are cooped up in doors as the cold air ushers us from one season to another and we are headed in doors on top of each other. Add that to our normal daily schedule of being in the trenches of motherhood, with the holiday seasons coming upon us. 
     Halt, say no more, I have some tips that I have been experimenting with to lesson the whining and misery. In fact, you could be the next 'child whisperer' among your peers!
STOP and HALT. No I'm not talking about stop signs, I'm talking about listening to the instincts that God has graciously instilled in us as mothers. 
     Okay, so you're trying to get stuff checked off on that fabulous to-do list when you hear screaming and fighting for the millionth time today, let's STOP before we yell at our kids. 
Step away from the situation: stepping away allows our tempers to cool and for us to take a few deep breaths before going back into action with a clear head. 
Think: What is it about the situation that is driving you batty? Has it tripped your trigger? 
What is the objective? Identify your objective before heading in, are you going to discuss kind hands or sharing? 
Pray before heading in. Praying releases the situation into God's hands and reminds us our strength comes from Him, as well as patience, sanity, and our cute kids!
    This method works very well for me in times of heightened stress on top of my spirited kiddos. 
Another tip to help with the season of madness and family togetherness, is what my friend Karla titles as HALT. We were discussing the terrible three's when she advised us of what she has been doing with her kids. I love the idea so much that I've been doing it with my own.
    The next time your child is driving you bonkers, stop and try to identify what her issue is; is she Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. These are the basic needs our little ones have. When we identify and address the issue plaguing them, they will turn back into our sweet little angels that we know and love; plus add life to our dwindling sanity during this holiday season.
    As Thanksgiving and Christmas come at us full speed, we need to be mindful of our limits and our kids' limits. So when you were attempting just another trip to the mall for looking for that perfect gift or you're attempting to visit loved ones, remember STOP and HALT!


  1. Hi Heather!
    I printed out this blogpost to share at the MOPS group I'm speaking at on Thurs. My topic: Blessed... or Stressed? This is perfect!

    Hope the moms will stop by here often! Please come visit my devo blog


    ps - I saw your TeenMOPS page - just wondering: wouldn't Teen MOPS be MOTS? And since my kids are now college age - am I a MOCS? Just kidding. Moms of preschoolers have no idea what's in store when their little ones become teens. MOTS need as much support as possible!

  2. Sussan acutally those moms are teenage mommies. :-) Thanks for the shout out to your MOPS group.

  3. Fabulous post and one that I need to keep in mind for sure as Christmas vacation nears.


  4. So ladies, how did these tips help you in this holiday season? You have to share with the rest of us!


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