Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are You the Perfect Mom?

    Have you failed lately? Good! You may continue reading, otherwise all perfectionists and non failing women must leave this blog immediately. Otherwise if you aren't sure what a perfect mom looks like, let's review The Brady Bunch, otherwise, let's move on! I've learned a thing or two this week through leadership challenges combined with attention seeking, spirited little monsters that I lovingly call 'my children'. 
   After a perceived disaster, I went home and sulked, licking my perfection wanna-be pride. In the midst of it, my son freaked out over his tower of blocks falling. He had spent at least thirty minutes building his tower, one block at a time--against his foe of gravity. It teetered and the tower tumbled down like a  game of Jenga. As he sat there in the rubble, his attitude mirrored mine; frustrated by his effort to create something, only for it to fail. 
     As we both sat staring at his pile of blocks, I encouraged my son to build it again. "Lige, mistakes are going to happen when you're building, sometimes we don't get all the blocks lined up exactly where they need to be to keep the tower standing. You didn't fail, you just learned how to make it better next time," I commented as I hugged him.
    Motherhood, ministry work, and life are full of choices. Each choice brings us closer to our goal, even the mistakes. Our failures provide learning opportunities on how to improve our goal. So if you're a perfectionistic, analytic mom, that's okay, it's time to let loose a little, maybe play a game of Jenga. Who knows, maybe the game will help you see how each mistake actually adds to improvement of who we are.


  1. Love this reminder! After a couple days of being a very imperfect mother, I needed it. Thank you!

  2. You're welcome. It's a blessing to know that none of us are perfect.

  3. Agreed, agreed, agreed. I learn through my failures (even though I'm not so thrilled about them at the time!).

    Hope you have a wonderful week, friend.

  4. Yet again you have me nodding along agreeing with everything you write. Which is why you have kept me coming back to read what you post.

    And why I have awarded you the Liebster Award (though I seem to have remember that you had more followers before you changed your format up - but I'm going to ignore that)
    Just wanted you to see that I have awarded you the Liebster Award, it is yours to do with as you like, but there are "rules" if you want to play along. Totally get it if you don't, but wanted you to know that I appreciate the posts that you write even if I don't get around to commenting on all of them! :)

    God bless you in your wonderful ministry!

  5. Amy, your blog makes me stop and boil it all down to the basics of Christ, thank you for visiting!

  6. Love this Heather! If we're not enjoying the screw-ups and mistakes in life, we're missing half (or more!) of our time here on Earth! :) Thanks for sharing your link on Moms Together.


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