Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Expectations and Mama's Freak Out Sessions!

    Is it just me or does the holidays bring out the worst in people? Yes, of course I'm talking about myself; maybe it's because I have three kids who know what buttons to push that cause mommy to completely bounce of the ceiling in freak out mode. They seem to know Mama is extra sensitive to button pushing with all the cleaning and Christmas decorating when family comes to visit. For example, my son (The label class clown has been mentioned several times by his teachers.) was asked to take the laundry downstairs to the laundry room. He adds the extra step of placing the dirty laundry into the dryer! Then my daughter's idea of assisting in extra chores is to shove clutter under the couch. 
My basement living room and the kids version of clean.

A view from the other side of the room, SIGH!

    Perhaps it has to do with the fact that my family is coming to Kearney for Christmas, our house is tiny, the kids love making messes (there's no love in picking it up though), and I am a visual person. Visual as in, I can't stand clutter, it's visual chaos. Or maybe it's because I'm the oldest and feel the need to keep the pedestal my family has placed me on, the over achiever 'Shaw' who has it all (I really don't but they don't need to know that!).
    Add to this the bathroom mayhem, which I am pretty sure (and thanking God), Tori is passed this stage. She just turned three and has been going number one in the potty and number two in her pants. Then she decided to go in her pants, and pick it up bare handed and throw it in the potty (imagine my dismay). Thankfully, she has progressed to just going in the potty. Still it worries me, I wonder if I will find her hiding somewhere with her number two's when the family comes to visit.
     Back to the family visiting, I haven't seen my five siblings in at least two years, and my mother hasn't seen my home. At least I can breathe a bit easier knowing my youngest sister Sarah will not be joining us in the throngs of celebrating Christmas because she is in Korea. Even though she is the youngest, I know she can kick my tush in hand to hand combat because of her military training; sitting on her won't win the wars anymore! When all three Shaw girls get together, a war is bound to break out. Last time, it was my jeans; to be more accurate my jean size--of the jeans I was wearing! Wanting to be a great example for my children, I am hoping that I won't have to fend off my sisters in any shape or form this season.
The upstairs, I know I shouldn't complain too much about the clutter!

    I think it's time to throw in the towel this season, who cares that my house isn't its cleanest, who cares what jean size I'm wearing, and for goodness sake, who cares about the clutter! When we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, we forget the meaning of Christmas and miss out on the blessings of the time we have with each other. So, do me a favor and pray that I will not have any freak out sessions and will keep my mind in the present moment and enjoy it all. Oh--pray that Tori is really past the number two stage!


  1. last time I felt like that I officially went on strike. I said ok you can eat what you want and if you don't want to make your bed..fine with me......after 3 days everyones attitude was a lot more humbled and appreciative of me! just as I was getting used to not doing all that stuff that noone cares about but me anyway!! hang in there! Be like Martha....

  2. Oooo Love the strike idea. May have to try that sometime! :-)

  3. Nice site. I'm a mbc member too.

  4. Love that I can count on my MBC members!


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