Tuesday, December 6, 2011

4 Must Have Gifts for Christmas


    STOP! Put those keys down little mama, I have the perfect gift list for your kids this Christmas.
       The ultimate gifts cannot be packaged or dressed up with bows, yet every child (and husband for that matter) long for these gifts all year round.  In keeping with the  spirit of Christmas, so many families often lost sight of what Christmas is about, falling prey to commercialism and the latest must have’s.  I too, was one of them until I overheard my three and five year talk about what they wanted for Christmas. They didn’t want Angry Birds memorabilia or Hot Wheel Tracks, they wanted time with their Mama, Daddy and extended family. What do your kids really want for Christmas? Below is my children’s list and chances are, your children will love you for them.

     All too often we get caught up in the whirlwind of activities during this blessed season. There’s the church play, preschool programs, Christmas cookies to bake, and other holiday obligations. Our schedules get so packed with busyness and then our children seem to have meltdowns every time we head out the door.
    This season, give your children the gift of time. They long for it and crave it. Guard your time away from them and guard their time against too many activities. One of the precious things our Savoir gave us, was His precious time when He walked among us so that could truly know Who God was. In this manner, let’s spend that extra time with our children so we can truly know and love their hearts.

    Nothing says ‘I love you’ compared to telling your child to “Hurry up,” while they dawdle through their bedtime routine or rushing them to put on their socks and shoes. Instead of becoming impatient with them, build extra time into your day so you don’t feel the need to rush them or become exasperated. Check your emotions and anxiety before you speak or interact with your children. If you feel your pulse rising, step away from the situation and pray before turning your attention back to your kids. Your children will begin to notice the difference and love you for it.

       “Hey Mommy, remember when we got paint all over your face? We should do that again,” my son remarked as we were setting the table for supper and he spied spots of glitter puff paint that dried to our table. Chances are your children don’t ask you to take them on a Disney Cruise vacation or go to Worlds of Fun; instead they talk often of the little things and beg to do them again.Give your children the gift of memory this holiday season. With Christmas vacation just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give this gift to your children! Build a snow fort, turn your living room chairs into a train ride, complete with celebrity passengers like Larry Boy. One of my children’s favorite memories was turning our living room into an airplane ride, complete with complimentary snacks!  

    My children love to give. There are so many ways to give and each year we pick a new project. Finding someone or something to give to creates a united bond among my children. They rally together for the common goal of giving to others who are in need. This creates memories, family time, and teaches them God’s word about giving.
    A few things your children might like include gathering toys and clothes to give to a family in need or the Salvation Army. Shopping for items at the Dollar Store to put in a shoe box for Operation Christmas and picking a child off the Angel Tree Ministries to shop for.

    These four gifts cannot be wrapped or measured in a tangible way. Yet, each will impact your children’s hearts and cultivate a deep love for you while paving the way for our God to impact their hearts. Instead of fighting the holiday crowds, snuggle up next to your children and begin giving them these precious gifts this holiday season. 


  1. This is so true. Your post encouraged me so much. I hope to always keep in mind that these are the gifts my children need most!

  2. It's so hard to give of yourself of these things for your children. These are the gifts that take the most energy and remind us of the need to make that constant effort. Thanks for your comment Joanne!


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