Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your New Year Challenge

     It’s that time of the year again. The time in which, we make our New Year resolutions. For most of us, it’s the same list as last year and the year before that. We just need to tweak a few things on the list, but it’s mostly the same. Is yours anything like mine?
  • I will start exercising three times a week.
  • I will not yell at my children.
  • I will control my temper.
  • I will run a marathon this year.
  •  I will edify my career.
  • I will get invited to all the important events in town.
  • Blah, blah, blah.

    This year, after struggling so much with my personal goals, on top of my new year’s resolutions, I threw my list out. I’d much rather have one goal that will encompass and spill over into my resolutions, Are you ready for it? It's rather crazy and yet so simple: Go.To.God.First. Then do everything in wisdom to care for my mind, soul, and body.

    “Oh, my, did she really say that?” Yes, little mama—I sure did. I’m pulling the spiritual card and quite frankly, you need it!  We as women tend to exhaust ourselves with all the balls we try to juggle. As we throw each one into the air, we’ve forgotten why we are juggling it as weariness, disappointment, and failure set in; we beat ourselves up wondering why we can’t keep our resolutions. Have you asked yourself why you have this list? Is it a void in your life that you are trying to fill under the disguise of importance, being needed, social status, feeling unloved, feeling insignificant?
    Being a Nebraska girl (transplanted from Wyoming), I know the roots most of us have were saturated in going to Sunday School and learning how Jesus loves us. It was so simple wasn’t it? We would get into our Sunday best, eat snacks, listen to the Bible stories as they were played out on the felt boards. We knew we were loved, significant, and content. As our childhood paved the way into adulthood, we put Jesus in a box, wondering how He fit into the complicated workplace, college, and life in general.
     Now that we are mothers, we see the faith and wholeness our children have, we can’t help but make our New Year Resolutions, thinking if we can discipline ourselves enough, we will find that satisfaction once again. So this year, do something different—Go. To. God.
     A religious fanatic is not needed, just pray. Acknowledge that you’ve lost your way and ask God to be your New Year’s Resolution. Keep Him in mind throughout your day, whether you’re home or in the work place.  Ask God to ingite the childlike faith you used to have.
    Try to create your prayer something like this:
Dear God, I know that I've replaced You for something more tangible. I’ve been searching for significance and success in my career, promotions, committees, being a good hostess at home, being a good mom and so much more. God you created me to have a relationship with You. This year I pray that You fill my life with Your presence. Satisfy the longings in my heart with You. Show me in my everyday life what it means to love You. Help me to recognize the beauty of Your spirit in my life. Unleash Your love within me.
If you haven’t walked with God in a while, here are some things to add to your list:
  •    Find one thing about each day that reminds you of God as the Creator.
  •   Acknowledge God in your life, everyday.
  •   Thank Him for one blessing.
  •    Ask Him to ignite your heart with a passion for His word.
  •     Read one scripture verse each day, if you like to tackle things, try one chapter a day.

      I promise you’ll find the beauty and the wholeness you’ve been longing for as you pursue a relationship with God. It will spill over into all the goals you have. Tell me what your goals are? What do you think of this rather different New Year’s Resolution? Share your thoughts!


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    My Twitter is:!/DMochaTraveler

  2. Hi Raquel, thx for the follow and don't forget to bring your friends!

  3. Wow, Heather! This is such good insight. I love the question, "Why do we have these lists?"

  4. Aliisa, it's a great question. WHY do we have these lists? Is it because we don't believe we are already amazing as the individual we were created to be? Or do we compare ourselves against our culture and social media, thinking we don't measure up?

  5. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. . . We too often think we don't have time for God everyday. The problem is, we don't have enough time not too! When we look at our lives in the light of eternity, it is but a vapor. Yet God knows every minute of our day, and has counted the hairs on our heads. Don't we owe him a few moments of our time?

  6. Great message, Heather. I think New Year's resolutions should be more looked at like a time to set goals. Accomplish that goal and move on to another one. Just because its a new year doesn't mean that is the only time to challenge yourself with a resolution. When you want to change or make something change... you should just do it no matter the time of the year. I love to make goals and challenge myself, as you know I do. You are a huge motivator, a godly mom and friend. Terri


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