Friday, July 9, 2010


So everyone usually has vacation around the time of the 4th of July right? Nope not us. We beat to a different drum meaning we are leaving one week later and already everyone at my husbands job is scrambling to either not take care of phone calls for customer service or they are retreating under their desks. Apparently no one at Chris' work place can do their job without him. He is supposed to be just a drafter but over the last few years his job has mutated into six or seven positions under one title. Did I mention the secretary now automatically sends out a mass email to ALL employees as well as posting a hand made sign on his desk?
As for me, I'm excited to get away from most responsibilities and pressures of "House Wife and Mommy". The kids will be vacationing with Grandma and Grandpa in the Black Hills. While I'm very excited at this chance to not be chasing them, I'm concerned about how they could potentially roll over the Grandparents. Being a high strung Mama that attempts to 'forsee' and be five steps ahead of my kids who are hell on wheels; visions of Elijah running away from his grandparents and getting kidnapped have crossed my mind once or twice...more like several times. Did I mention that Ive read The Shack and having been having nightmares? Do all parents go through this or is it just me and my over reactive mama protecting high strung personality? It doesn't help that I majored in Criminal Justice while I was in college.
Aside from the fact that my children will not be under my so called perfect watchful eye, I'm looking forward to spending time with my hubby, seeing friends, and working on my book. In the meantime, I will also get to relieve some pent up hurts and frustrations with my brothers. Doyle will be attempting to teach me how to shoot without closing my eyes. I can shoot hand guns well, right on target, blowing up pop cans or whatever else we decide to use for targets. But when it comes to rifles, I manage to close my eyes after ever so carefully lining up my target in the site, barely breathing as I clench to rebuff some of the impact that kickback has on those big guns. Albeit, the saying lately has been to "Let it go" and trust me I will be imagining certain faces on my targets....that's not such a bad thing right?
So off I go on a crazy eight hour drive in the middle of the night with my three kids who will be in P.J.'s watching DVDs, and may or may not be drugged...Chris will be at the wheel and I will be doing my best to keep the peace between the three while keeping my high strung habits in check...
Wyoming bound, here we come...

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