Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Tribute to My Daughter

      The week is finally here. My daughter has been hard at work for the last seven years earning badges and completing units for Mpact. Mpact is like girl scouts through the Assemblies of God Churches. This week she will be walking down the isle of her church in her new crimson red dress to receive her crown for all the hard work she has done. Not only does she get rewarded and honored, but she also has a stronger foundation in Christ. 
      Cheyenne didn't grow up in a Christian environment. Instead of having parents who grew up in church, she has parents that are still building a foundation in God. We live in a time where the lines of  lawlessness and godliness have blurred or cease to exist all together. The ideas of raising a child to be Christ centered have all but confused my husband and I as we put our past lives behind us and strive to move forward towards understanding and demonstrating those values to our daughter.
      As  Cheyenne's parents we have an awesome responsibility to teach our daughter right from wrong in God's terms, not society terms. Society's terms are ever changing with the stance that we should do what feels right to us while removing anything that has to do with God out of the picture. Cheyenne has a stronger sense of self and a firm foundation in what God wants for her. I'm so proud of the values she has hidden in her heart and that she has found her strength and identity in who God created her to be. I'm also thankful as a mother knowing she is being raised in who God created her to be. 


  1. Bryzer's mom...May 21, 2011, 1:54:00 PM

    This is exactly what I want for Bryzer, to the "t". I have never been to church with out him. All my life I watched my mom live with no direction. She always was, and is, like a chicken with its' head cut off. I want so badly to have a relationship with God and know who I am and know that He has a plan and purpose so I can show Bryzer that. Just like Cheyenne, Bryzer wont be raised in a perfect Christian environment but will grow up with us all learning together about God. We are far from perfect :) But we are trying to better ourselves... I'm hoping that one day I will be able to say the same things about our lives as you can say about yours'.

  2. So very true. It's a hard line to trod as parents in this world. We are met with opposition to raise God fearing children at every turn. I was reading Dr. Dobson's book on raising boys today. It was sobering because it reminded me of all those who don't want me to show Christ to my sons (and daughter) and are out to steal their hearts and destroy them. But despite my inadequacies, I know that I have the ultimate ally on my side. That helps me through these hard times. Your experience with Cheyenne is a prime example of God doing the same for you. What an awesome blessing you have there!

  3. M.N, & Bryzer's Mom: Thank you so much for bearing your souls! Bryzer's mom, your heart is amazing. God loves you so much and He doesn't care about your flaws. Come to Him as you are and pray that He ignites your heart for Him!


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