Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tidal Waves in Motherhood


     These last couple of weeks have had me barely treading water and gasping for air. Between caring for a colicky baby, running my oldest to summer activities and keeping my other little ones entertained has been like climbing Mt Everest. We have a tiny home, half of it has been under construction because the carpet had to be replaced. Motherhood is not for wimps, let me tell you! 
     This week we headed to Mahoney State Park for a bit of a vacation and in the meantime, my younger two adventuresome babes taught me something so very important. We took these wee babes to the wave pool and I thought for sure they would hang out in the shallow waters of the kitty pool, where slides and sprinklers would suffice their love for the water. I was wrong. They wanted nothing more than to head out into the wave pool, wading into the water that was more than six feet deep. Add the oceanic waves and the water was over my head.
     This moment penetrated my heart with an example of God's love and care for us. As I waded out into the waves, I had Tori in my arms and she was not afraid. She wanted to go deeper and jump the waves. As reluctant as I was, she insisted on riding the waves, so this began the process of watching the waves and me lifting her up as each wave hit us. Each wave would hit, I would hold her hands, lift her up, and she would ride the waves with total joy and peace. 
     Life in motherhood is just like that, we see the waves of commitments, trials, burdens, and wild babes; yet God is there to hold our hands. As each wave hits, He asks us to hold His hand, to trust Him, so we can keep our heads above water. Without His hand, we would be pummeled, sink, and be left gasping for air wondering which way is up. He asks us to trust and rest in Him, to know that He is holding our hands through it all. Psalm 9:10 is a not only a gentle reminder but a promise He won't let go of our hands, "Those who know Your name will put their trust in You; for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you."

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