Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exciting News and Happenings!

Okay, so I've REALLY missed my blog, and these last two weeks have been more than just eventful! So grab your coffee and scroll on down, I'll show you what you've missed!

My brother, Doyle and I, with my potato gun.

Yes, that tube you see in the picture isn't just PVC pipe, it's a potato gun! You can take the girl out of the country...and that's about it. My brother came up from Wyoming as a surprise visit. We spent Christmas afternoon out on the Platte River, shooting potatoes, rocks, arrows, and anything else that could be stuffed to fit into his tube. It was a real blast--no pun intended!
Two of my three brother's stuffing the potato gun.

If you look closely at the picture, you see a can of hair spray, this helps ignite the gun! Does anyone want to guess how this turns out? 

Me, I just finished shooting my daughter's new bow--with no makeup, I'm a bit vain!

Cheyenne, getting ready to release her arrow. 

When I wasn't out blowing things up with my brothers, we took some time off to target practice with our daughter. She got a new bow for Christmas, so far we have four of the twenty arrows left...We both need a little practice, well...maybe I do. However, I must say I worry about Cheyenne's future husband, she has my temper and a VERY. GOOD. AIM!

My brother Dave.
When we thought all was quiet, the boys came over and had a shoot out in my home. Four toy guns and four rowdy boys....Needless to say, the evening wasn't quite peaceful to enjoy my new Nook I got for Christmas!

Okay, okay, enough of the pictures and family stuff. I've got some REALLY exciting news. Saved by Love is now being posted at FaithVillage. Stop by to read the latest in the realms of faith mixed with motherhood. Leave a comment and let them know you want me to come back!

Next on the exciting list is that I am the new columnist for Eternal Encouragement Magazine online! What am I writing about, encouragement for moms! I can't wait for you to see my first article! It's a goody, my next one is about transformers, instructions, and motherhood--you get the point!

More blessings to be sure, I have been asked to be a guest on Good Morning Nebraska, with Marylyn Barnett, I'll be on the show bright and early to give you  some great tips on snacks and lunch ideas for your kids. You don't want to miss this one. January 10!!!!

And at last, some really big news, in March, I will be launching Her View From Home with some friends of mine.  Her View From Home is a Mid-West Blog created by women to encourage, inspire and connect. We will have forums for towns to post events, daily deals, date night ideas, recipes, tips for home & garden; plus articles about faith, parenting, family and more. I can't wait for it to launch and hope you'll stop by! You can visit us on Facebook at our fan page and stay up to date until we officially launch, Her View from Home.
Hurry up March, in the meantime, I can't wait to connect with you and share what God has been laying on my heart to encourage you!
Our new logo! We can't wait to launch the site!

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